August 6th, 12-5pm EDT

Own Your Story
Live Conference

Are you a high-performing millennial woman who has had a life’-changing experience and desire to share your story?
Do you want to inspire and empower other women by writing your book or booking speaking engagements with your signature story?

August 6th, 12-5pm EDT

Own Your Story
Meet and Greet


So, you can


Positive Impact

Create opportunities to transform other women’s lives and ignite POSITIVE impact to your community.



Break down the wall of fear and self-doubt to gain FREEDOM to boldly express yourself and excel in your skills and talents.



Gain COMFORT to live a more fulfilling life by increasing positive cash flow from selling your book and booking speaking engagements with your signature story.


This is for you if you are…

A high-performing millennial woman who has had a life-changing experience and desire to share her story to inspire and empower other women

Lacking confidence in who you are, so you doubt your giftings and it is keeping you stuck from walking in your purpose

Having intense fear to share your story, because you are trapped in the cycle of shame and are worried that others may judge you

I have been exactly where you are NOW.

In 2019, God had told me to write my memoir. But guess what I did with it?


That’s right. I didn’t write my book, because of FEAR.

From witnessing my mom leaving my dad and we wound up living in a women’s shelter for a few years, my father’s friend trying to have sex with me, to my ex-fiancé leaving me after being together for seven years…

I was ASHAMED of the poor decisions that I had made in my life and was scared to tell my story.

I was so worried that people would think less of me.

It was truly a MINDSET issue!

Once I accepted that I didn’t need VALIDATION from others and my story will inspire and empower other women, I decided to OWN my story.

I had launched my book “A Rose Is Still A Rose” last year and have had several opportunities to share my story on different platforms.

You can do the same too!

Grace Onuegbu

Conference Host

We will not be teaching you the process of writing a book nor the art of storytelling…
BUT…you will LEARN…

How to overcome your fear to BOLDLY share your story with your audience

How to identify what is holding you back and keeping you STUCK

How to unlock your mental blocks that are LIMITING you

Ways to STRAGETICALLY boost your confidence


Own Your Story Meet and Greet:
$26,000+ Value

Exclusive in-person access

  • Exclusive in-person access to four published authors $20,000 value
  • Unlock strategies to help you break off your limitations and boost your confidence to own you story!

Catered Nigerian Cuisine

  • Catered Nigerian Cuisine $1,200 value
  •  Assorted Nigerian cuisine + assorted desserts + beverages

Amazing, isn't it?

Raffle prizes

Two giveaway raffle prizes plus one grand raffle prize $600 value

Exclusive access

Exclusive access to purchase merchandise from event vendors $4000 value

Swag Boxes

Exclusive Own Your Story Swag Boxes for VIP attendees only $500.00 value

$26,000+ VALUE

Own Your Story Meet and Greet is valued $26,000+

BUT you only have to pay a one-time REGISTRATION FEE of 250.00


This is the IMPACT your story can have….
If you OWN IT!

Check of the testimonials for A Rose Is Still A Rose!!!

AUGUST 6th, 12-5PM EDT

Own Your Story
Live Conference

Are you a high-performing millennial woman who has had a life’-changing experience and desire to share your story?
Do you want to inspire and empower other women by writing your book or booking speaking engagements with your signature story?

Meet our Master of Ceremonies

Danielle Jackson

Danielle Jackson is the product of a military household. A proud Navy brat, she grew up in Virginia, New Jersey and California. She is a graduate of Old Dominion University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and she also received a Master of Arts degree in Public Relations from the University of Houston.  She thought she would pursue a career in the entertainment industry; however, God had other plans. She is a corporate trainer and program manager by trade, but her true calling is saving her sisters from the snares of the enemy as it pertains to lust and perversion. She is fueled by her love for helping people discover their true, authentic selves and find freedom in the Father. She is currently working on a book that captures her journey from being entangled in lustful practices and sexual bondage to experiencing deliverance and finding her true identity in GOD. She is looking forward to all the creative ways that God will use her story to set others free.

About our Host

Grace Onuegbu


A board-certified Psychiatric NP, life strategist, speaker, and published author.

Grace Onuegbu is a board-certified Psychiatric NP, life strategist, speaker, and published author. Founder of Smilebiz LLC and Woman Arise Academy ™. Creator of multiple signature courses and digital products to help high-performing women have a balanced lifestyle to gain a life of peace, prestige, purpose, and prosperity. 

Single mother of one, who works in private practice as a board-certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner where she sees over 200+ patients and runs an online company, was once where you are right now. She was stuck and not sure of her purpose in this world. At one point, Grace did not know her own value and the power of her voice, so now she uses her experiences to challenge other women to step out their comfort zone, embrace who they are, and walk in their true selves.

As a professional speaker, her mission is to empower women to activate their voice to own their story to not only impact others but create opportunities to increase positive cash flow through publishing their books and booking speaking engagements. Her mission is to help women win in life by transforming their mindsets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With COVID still going on, is it safe to come to the conference?

We understand your concerns and your safety is our top priority. We will make sure that we uphold all necessary safety precautions at this year’s event. With more people being vaccinated and the leniency of mandates, we feel secure about hosting our event. Although masks will not be required, we will offer masks for those who would like one and provide hand sanitizer stations. If you do become ill at least 48 hours before the event, we do ask that you stay home. If you are not comfortable with attending, we completely understand.

Will virtual access be provided?

The vision of the event is to foster an environment of togetherness and connections. And since this a conference that involves networking, in-person was the best method. So unfortunately, we are not offering a virtual option currently.

Is this best offer?

Absolutely!  Own Your Story Meet and Greet is valued over $26,000, but you only have to pay a one-time registration fee of $250.00.  You cannot beat this price!

I have strict dietary needs will you be able to accommodate?

As much we love to accommodate everyone’s dietary needs, it is impossible to do so. Nevertheless, we will offer options that you can choose from that will best suit your needs.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Due to our commitment to provide you with the best experience, investments have been made to accommodate those who have registered to attend, so unfortunately at this time all sales are final. Nevertheless, if you are feeling charitable, you can donate your ticket for someone who has a financial need or donate your investment towards our final grand prize raffle winner. You can email us at if either option works for you!

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